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Juan M. Otxotorena Architecture 2000-2015

Mã SP: 9789881412355

Giá bán: 920,000 VNĐ

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Số lượng:

Chia sẻ sản phẩm trên mạng xã hội:

Things are evolving at breakneck speed. The fashions of today have expired tomorrow; and even this logic of fashion, as we see and experience now, could have its days counted. Lately, architecture undergoes the fascination of the virtual and the immaterial: the spectacular, the iconic, and ephemeral; but I suppose it will end calling in the various dimensions of its original anchor in physical reality. An anchor that, like it or not, shares with ourselves, in terms of extreme radicalism, given our bodily dimension. I think that, in short, we are going to experience the last breath through of an experimental broad spectrum attitude longer than studied: one dominated by the logic of the excesses attitude, after which some calm will return. It should give way to a new focus on solid and inescapable values, such as efficiency, discipline, sustainability, preservation of the environment, or the economy of means. It may have some new paradigms called to gain prominence; for example, the integral efficiency of territory management, the reversibility of its temporary occupation and its own flexibility, versatility, and durability of architecture. However, nothing will be as before: the memory of the above is not worth us to imagine the future, even the near future. And every appearance of new programs, applications, or materials is set to revolutionize the current situation, as well as the significant milestones it could have on the development of transport technology or the generation and supply of energy.

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